January 2012 – Relocation troubleshooting

Welcome to 2012! ShoulderDislocation.net has posted two new videos on our YouTube channel and Videos page.

These videos are quite a bit different from the others – in that things didn’t quite go as smoothly as we would have hoped. In both of these shoulder dislocations the relocation was proving to be a little difficult and might prompt abandonment of the techniques in favour of heavier sedation.

The first video shows a patient with in whom the muscle spasm was unable to be overcome with simple positioning and a variety of manoeuvres. She eventually required sedation resulting an a quick reduction

In the second video, the patient has a subglenoid dislocation, and the operator tries to get the patient to adduct the arm. Unfortunately this is difficult, so Neil talks the operator through a series of manoeuvres to manipulate the humerus into the correct position, including attempting Zero Position. Eventually the shoulder is relocated.

It is worth watching the videos carefully – often shoulder dislocations deviate from the norm.