September 2011: Patient heal thyself! Teaching patients to reduce their own shoulders.

Patient Heal Thyself!

Have you ever wanted to teach your patients how to relocate their own shoulders? Well now you can!

The Boss-Holzach-Matter technique is an autoreduction technique that you can teach your patient to do, directly in the Emergency Department. For full instructions, click here (with thanks to Dr D Ceroni, who kindly gave permission to use the graphic and technique on our site).

It’s especially useful for recurrent spontaneous dislocators – you know the ones who dislocate with simple things like getting dressed or rolling over in bed! The last thing they want is to spend 5 hours in the ED waiting for the morphine and midazolam to wear off.

This simple-to-teach technique also has a patient handout that you can print out.

X-ray of the month

Want to see an interesting X-ray? This demented lady presented with heart failure, and she had a routine CXR, which shows a pacemaker in situ. What else does it show?

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