Remember The Scapula

Scapula Positioning

Because it dictates the position of the glenoid fossa, scapula positioning is one of the key things to think about before and whilst relocating a shoulder. Shown here are the two very different positions of the scapula depending on the position of the shoulder girdle and humerus.

Scapula - Fully Retroverted (blue pen)


The outline of the scapula is shown in blue marker pen here. Note how close the medial border is to the spine, and the position of the lateral apex, pointing to the glenoid fossa.

Scapula - Fully Anteverted (red pen)


The scapula occupies a very different position when the arm is placed in full abduction and/or elevated. This final position is outlined in red pen.

The outline of the scapula in its original position is shown in blue marker pen, as above. Compare the two outlines and note how the overlying muscles and skin have moved.

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